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My husband and I love Kentucky, it is unlike any other place on earth.  We are both originally from Michigan and met in high school.  Having music and many other things in common, we started dating and were married in 1984.  I have worked in politics in Michigan as a District Assistant for a state Senator, managed local, state and federal campaigns and started a Republican Women's Club in Macomb county.  For twenty years I was a writer and photographer for the Romeo Observer Newspaper working part-time.  Now, living in Kentucky I manage and write websites for non-profit organizations and volunteer for crisis centers in our community.  Talking with many people in this district has given me insight to the needed changes that I hope to make in Frankfort. 

What I believe:  I support the Second Amendment, believe in every individual's Right To Life and hope to lower taxes in every way possible.  Our U.S. Veterans deserve our respect and excellent medical care.  Our local Emergency Workers, Police, Fire and those who serve our nation in the Military also deserve our thanks and should have good medical benefits.  All Senior Citizens also deserve honor for all they have given and American families need to know their government puts safety first, will work to lower taxes and provide a great education.